Wash & Fold Service- FAQ

When will I get my clothes back?

Turnaround time is typically 48 Hours from pick-up to drop off.

Do I need to prepare my laundry or sort it ahead of time?

No! King’s Laundromat will sort, wash, dry and fold. Special instructions must be noted when placing your order.

What is the minimum for Wash and Fold Delivery Service?

Our rates per LBs is $1.79. Our minimum is 12 lbs or $20.00

Can I include other non-clothing garments like comforters, blankets, area rugs, bedding sheets, shower curtains etc. in the laundry bag?

Yes. Please include them in your special instructions so that we can sort accordingly. Pricing for those items are listed in Pricing Section

What if I can’t be home for my scheduled pick-up or drop off?

You can leave your bag in secure location outside your home (doorstep, porch, patio, reception desk etc.)

Are my clothes washed with other customer’s clothes?

Absolutely not! Each bag is processed by itself.`

What should I put my clothing in for the initial pick-up?

For your first pick-up, items can be placed inside a kitchen trash bag. King’s Laundromat will return your laundry in a King’s Laundromat laundry bag with your name tag.

What hours do you have pickup and delivery service? And do you service my area?

We have dedicated times for pickup and deliveries. See Coverage Location section for pickup/dropoff hours and coverage.